About Us

Restaurants for Sale Global is the Internet’s leading online source dedicated exclusively to serving those in the restaurant industry looking to buy, sell or start a restaurant by offering access to an exclusive database of restaurant opportunities. The Restaurants For Sale Global listing service has been designed to simplify the process for buyers, sellers, Franchisors and Real Estate agents to find opportunities or contacts that they are seeking. Buyers can register for free and easily search opportunities based on their criteria in real time and from anywhere. Those looking to sell their existing restaurant, find Franchisees or lease restaurant suitable real estate are provided a low cost alternative to quickly and easily reach their prospects. The platform is easy to use and listings can be created easily from your computer or even from your mobile device. Realizing the goal for your restaurant vision is now faster, quicker, and easier with RestaurantsForSaleGlobal.com.

The Restaurants for Sale Global brand serves the international food and beverage industry and also includes RestaurantsForSaleUSA.com, RestaurantsForSaleUK.com and RestaurantsForSaleCanada.com among other niche markets.

RestaurantsForSaleGlobal.com is a privately held company with a team of enthusiastic experts who have been through the process of researching, buying, and selling restaurants. Our mandate is to help our users save time and money by bringing all the opportunities and information they need into one modern, easy-to-use platform accessible worldwide instantly.

Restaurants for Sale Global launched in 2016 and is based in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.