Talk to me before buying ANYTHING!

Talk to me before buying ANYTHING!

I have created 8 profitable restaurants of my own, and dozens for others from the ground up. I have 27 years of commercial design experience, and I can not only help you to avoid huge mistakes, but I create spaces that people line up down the block for. I have 3 major concept templates that can be customized to your ideas, but are complete and ready to install. A Franchisable Breakfast QSR. A neighborhood Bakery Coffee Shop. A franchisable Soup themed Soup, Salad, and Sandwich QSR. I am available to set up any new idea or refine any existing business you are considering to increase your profits and set it up for passive income. What I can help with . . . Avoid the number 1 mistake that dooms most first-timers. Top 5 mistakes most people make when purchasing a restaurant, Don't do these! How to reduce buildout costs by 1/2. The Secret that will double your sales from day 1. The 3 step marketing process that will create loyal customers within your first 3 weeks. Avoid the Number 1 mistake that can add weeks to months on a buildout. How to breeze thru Health Inspections and avoid delaying reinspections. Social Media Secret that can bring hundreds to your door immediately. Avoid the number 1 mistake in putting together your opening staff that kills your turnover. This secret will reduce your payroll by 1/3, hardly anyone does this. How to get amazing reviews that bring people in your door. How to get on local TV, Radio, and Podcasts for FREE! How to set your place up to run by itself. The top 3 things to do to get loyal return customers for years. The biggest mistake most owners make when designing the menu (it can cost you thousands per month). The four Menu Quadrants and how to use them to boost your profitability. How to avoid paying any taxes for the first 5 years. I have tons of individual items YOU WILL NEED that can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours Business Plans, HAACP Manuals, Employee Manuals, Training Materials, New Hire Packets, TESTED Recipes, many Vegan and Organic, I can also take many of the costly expenditures in house, Store and Traffic design, Logos and menu design, logistical and Training materials, and so much more. My fees are both negotiable and generally recouped within the first 6 months of operation. Check out some of my work at, and contact me to see if I can help you save thousands of dollars and hundreds of headaches. More importantly, let me help you to translate YOUR dream into a reality that will give you passive income for years.




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Counter Service/Fast Casual

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Talk to me before buying ANYTHING!

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Less than 50


1200-2000, Square Feet



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Your choice

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Franchisable Concepts, Be a Franchisor!

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Tested and Profitable Concepts that help you avoid years of costly mistakes.

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Over $300,000

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Over $300,000

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